Complete All Purpose Natural Cleaning Kit Natural Green Kitchen Cleaning Kit for Sink, Cabinets, Stove and Granite Professional Natural Organic House Cleaning Kit
All Purpose Kit
Our Price (CAD): $54.99
Kitchen Kit
Our Price (CAD): $36.99
Whole House Cleaning Kit
Our Price (CAD): $78.99
Best value! Effective cleaning for the whole house.

Everything you need for your kitchen!

All 4 of our Cleaners and matching Microfiber Cloths!

All-Natural Cleaning Products

Organic Green Cleaning Products by AspenClean

We have been using all-natural cleaning products in our cleaning services for years to help our clients establish health-safe environments free from harmful chemical elements in their homes and commercial facilities. Now we are pleased to make our organic cleaning products available to everyone on our website. Here you will find a variety of all-natural cleaning sprays for specific needs as well as powder scrubs, dish soap and universal cleaning kits. Working capabilities of our organic cleaning products are equal to those of the conventional cleaners; they will effectively cut through the grease, remove old stains and make surfaces look shiny and bright.

The all-natural and organic formula of our green cleaning products helps to minimize exposure to harmful chemicals contained in traditional cleaners that cause a variety of health conditions and chronic diseases. We believe that our products will not only make your home a safer and healthier place to stay for you and your loved ones but will also contribute to building a sustainable environment for future generations.